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Ebook Websites: Top 5 E-book Sites To Download Free Ebooks Online

By: Ebook Marketer Said

Everyone is looking for various freebies online. And nowadays ebooks and software are most popular among digital products downloaded every day. Perhaps therefore the number of ebook websites is increasing day by day. 

So if you are also a big collector of valuable ebooks, software and other kind of digital products visit the following 5 ebook websites to find fresh ebooks:

1.  Free-ebooks. net

In this site, you will find many ebooks related to various niches. You can browse its categories to find what you need. It is free to join the website.

2.  Freebookspot. Com

This site is a big source of free e-books download. There are 96 categories with 4485 free e-books. You can search and download any ebook you want for free.

The best thing is that no registration required in order to download free e-books.

3.  Ebookdirectory. com

I myself often visit this website to be aware of new free ebooks added to the directory. You can download over 20000 free e-books related to various niches such as self-improvement, computer, business, literature, publishing, children, etc. Some of them come even with resell rights.

4.   Onlinefreeebooks. net

This directory is also one of the best ebook sites that offer free PDF ebooks placed in 9 big categories – Automotive, Engineering, Business, Programming and Technology, Gadget, Hardware, Health and Medical, Hobbies, Sport and Martial Art.

5.  E-book. com. au/freebooks

This is an Internet Public Library where more than 20000 free books are available to download free. Here you can find even popular weekly or monthly newspapers and magazines published around the world.


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In addition, this service enables authors to take full advantage of’s high traffic rate and generate extensive exposure and visibility for their published works, strengthening their online book marketing campaigns without spending a dime. This free service is perfect for self-published authors who prefer to expand the marketing reach of their books through the most cost-efficient way possible.

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Project Gutenberg – Free Books Online

By: Chris Holgate

I stumbled across a fantastic website recently named Project Gutenberg ( which has the incredible title of the world’s oldest digital library. The brainchild of a bloke called Michael Hart way back in 71, the site is a collaborate effort of many volunteers and is an concerned with archiving and the digital distribution of literary cultural works that are in the public domain. This began when Mr Hart was rather generously given an account along with $100,000,000 worth of computer time by the folks at the University of Illinois. This contribution was the combination of a chance incident which can be attributed to him being close friends with some of the staff, alongside being simply in the right place at the right time.

Unsure what to do with this free time, he announced that the best way he could use this gift would be to begin archiving material stored in hard copy and distributing so that anyone could have easy access to it. He then proceeded to type up the Declaration of Independence with the intention of eventually having 10,000 of the most consulted books available to the public by the end of the 20th century.

Currently, the site contains more than 32,000 items in the archive; the majority of these texts are books that have fallen out of copyright. As the site/organisation is situated in North America, it abides by US copyright law that says any article of copyrighted work that was in print before 1923 automatically is in the public domain. In addition there exist instances where books were published and didn’t plainly identify their copyrighted claim or renew it and are now available freely and legally in the public domain as a result. To help matter along, several copyright owners have actually given their blessing for the work to be replicated and circulated for free on the site, despite still being within copyright.

Essentially the website gives you immediate access to a huge collection of cultural works completely free of charge. Let’s say for argument sake that you fancy reading Hamlet over the coming week; since this book was written around 1599 it is quite clearly out of copyright and as such it is completely free of charge to download and distribute. By heading to the Project Gutenberg website you can do a quick search for William Shakespeare and practically all of his work will instantly become available to you.

There is even a choice of several formats you wish to download in, these include a standard text file or something a little more complex like Adobe Acrobat/HTML files that have features like indentation, page numbering, headings and other formatting features making printing the books off a lot more interesting. Files can even be downloaded to a Pocket PC or mobile phone and even thought I would struggle to think of something less fun than reading “War and Peace” on my mobile, it could also be done on a PowerPC making it a feasible alternative to reading a physical book if you are on the move a lot.

Because novels are made up of simple text they are surprisingly quick to download; as an example, I tried downloading “The Time Machine” by H. G.. Wells and it took me just 12 seconds on a broadband connection. Of course the speed of download is fairly irrespective when you take in to account the time required to read it but I find it interesting that an entire book is actually smaller to download that a high resolution image.

Project Gutenberg is exciting to me as it represents the fact that we have now reached a stage of development whereby no matter how much time passes, the great works of both today and yesterday will never be lost. As a society, we now enjoy a greater access to free, uncensored and good quality material, and long should this remain.

About the Author

Chris Holgate writes a weekly article of all things tech related. He is a director and copyrighter of the online computer consumables business Refresh Cartridges who sell cheap ink cartridges, toner cartridges, computer hardware and other computer consumables online. An archive of his work can be found at

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Article Source: – Project Gutenberg – Free Books Online


Benefits of online libraries

By: Sabine Guerry

With the emergence of so many online schools and institutions, people now prefer to study for their degree online. The best part about studying online is that one can study at your convenience and appear for your exams when youhe feels comfortable. You do not have to attend any college or school but can get all types of study material online.

Not just acquiring online degree is possible but people can read eBooks and journals as well to acquire more information about any particular subject. There are thousands of libraries online that offer people a complete range of e-Books and journals with comprehensive details. Not every library online has same collection of ebBooks but there are some exclusive ones that can provide you with detailed information about a particular topic or subject.

All you need to do is register yourself with these libraries and get exclusive access to various eBooks, medical e-videos, e-journals and multimedia modules. There are some libraries that let you read e-Books and modules without any fees but they do not have as vast range of subject material as the libraries that charge a membership fees.

The best way to know whether the library has something of your interest is to sign up for a free trial with them. Look out for the libraries that allow access to their books for a limited period of time before you pay them registration fees. This makes sure that your registration money will not go in vain. Once you go through the books and journals you can very easily assume if you wish to register with a particular library or not.

Even if you are studying in a regular college, you need books and study material to study and take your exams. Buying print books can be an expensive affair so online study material can help you wave off your expenditure of buying print books.

By registering yourself with these libraries you can study online and save reduce your expenses. Some libraries offer the option to buy an eBook for only 6 months or 1 year at a reduced price, which is ideal if you are studying for an exam and know that you will only need a book for a few months.

Most of the libraries keep books and journals edited and published by famous authors and popular writers. The best thing about becoming a member with online libraries is that you can find  any subject and ebook. Buying print books is not only expensive but after you have appeared for your exams these books are not useful any longer. You either stock them in your store house or give them away. Online books can be kept as long as you want do not take up any space.

With so many advantages of online eBooks over the offline libraries, today people are favoring to register themselves online and enjoy reading great range of books in a minimal registration fees.

About the Author

123Library online medical books collection contain thousands of medical e-books as well as online medical library, multimedia modules, medical e-videos.

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Article Source: – Benefits of online libraries