Free Phone

Free or Low Cost Mobile Phone
Free or Low Cost Mobile Phone

Best 5 Offers in USA 

QLINK WIRELESS CONNECTING AMERICA must be on Government Assistance, phone 500 Talk Minutes Monthly, Unlimited Texts, many other options. Americas Best Offer as far as I can tell :

American Assistance BASIC PLAN must be on Government Assistance, Free Cell Phone, 500 Free Monthly Minutes, 500 Free Text Messages :

Google play Store FreeTone by TextMe, Inc. – Free Calls and Texting for Android and iPhone, iPod and iPad. UNLIMITED free calls & texts to ALL real U.S. and Canada phone numbers. Can not though port over your phone number as far as I can tell :

RingPlus Mobile Best Choice if you want Free Data, particularly if you are not low income or eligible through a benefits program. Here is basically how it works. You must use a Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T device eligible phone, you can check that here . Then you can use some non member options or for some you  must be a member which requires a one time $99.00 fee. You can purchase a phone through them or get a loaner phone. Once you have this you can get up to 1000 minutes talk and text free with 1 GB data when they have that special running, which, Currently the best free was on 8/17/2016 500 min talk 500 text  500 mb data. This is my pick for my next cell phone :

Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail as easy as email, free US long distance, low rates on international calls, and many calling features great land-line option but must have a computer :

Other Free Phone Offers and related Content

FONGO Canada Free calls and texts Unlimited text and media messaging so you can reach out to any of your Fongo friends — free! Call 90% of the population, the 40 largest metropolitan areas and all 10 provinces — free!
Just 2 cents a minute to the US, China, the UK and many other locations :

Free Government Cell Phones Locater page :

IC iPhone in Canada Google Hangouts for iOS Can Now Make FREE Phone Calls to Canada, USA :

KNTCR Free Unlimited Calls to Any Mobile or Landline in the USA and Canada. Must have a computer on to use

Make Free Calls Online Free International Calls Free calls from your PC Welcome, we provide a free service to make free 4 minute calls to over 40 countries :

makeuseof No US Phone Number? No Problem – Best Free Apps For Calling To The USA :

Skype Free calls to mobiles and landlines in the United States and Canada from India :

T-Mobile Data Use Calculator learn how much data you use monthly so you decide what kind of data plan you really need :

ZipCall UK Free calls to the USA, Canada & China Dial 0333 232 3232 from any UK phone :

Low Cost Land-line through Computer and/or Modem Usually and related software

MagicJack costs around $40.00 – $60.00 for equipment and 1 year of service. Have to have Internet. Can run through your modem, which in my experience is more reliable or through your computer, if you have software like MagicFeatures to call block, my favorite. If your computer is over loaded or needs to restart MagicJack will not work for your phone, but go to voice mail through magic jacks website, which you get an email if you have voice mail. Can thought record your voice mail saying your cell phone number as an example to get calls right away when this happens :

ooma alternative for Landline use. Requires Internet with equipment costs of about $99.00 :

PCPhoneSoft provides enhanced services for the Following , MagicJack, and also makes the following usable with a regular phone, Free Google Voice – Totally USA and Canada and so Worldwide locations (Instructions click here), and Free Skype :

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