On This page you will find Moderator Work at Home Jobs and related content. Many will let you work Moderator remotely from home. You can have virtually no commute time as you stay at home. Moderator Home office work is rapidly booming and I have listed many of the top companies and resources for you to gain employment. If you do not find a job opportunity through this page, be sure to check some other categories that are related, or the larger companies, as they hire in many different departments and categories and I have to avoid double listing a lot of them for SEO and space reasons.

Do not pay to apply for work to anyone. There are plenty of opportunities to work from home with Moderator without paying any initial hiring fee. You may though have to pay for a background check though and some require even a credit check. I have plenty of other areas on the website you can use to find Moderator work from anywhere type, work from home jobs. Try some of the following pages and enter Moderator in a search like the Work From Home Job Boards page listed as a subpage of the Job Boards main page. The search engines there are specialized in finding Work at Home jobs or remote work. The Job Boards page is also good for searches with keywords in your favorite search engine. I also have a page of top Freelance sites that you can use for you searching.

I have other good places to search for remote anywhere type jobs such as the companies listed on the Global Jobs & Global Jobs Pg. 2 and then Worldwide and Worldwide Pg. 2. Many of them employ in the USA too or are USA based. Good luck in your job search and be sure to check out the job categories of you skill area listed on other parts of this site as the whole site is designed to give you the opportunity to work from you own home and many employ persons from remote or anywhere, virtual locations.

Aeonity Seeking user for daily data confirmation after hours. (simply check marking content) M-F willing to pay $20.00 per 300 entries. 1 position available.Monthly payment. Pay on the 1st of every month :

Alchemic Dream is a fast growing company that offers a wide range of remote positions across five continents. You will work together with industry experts in areas as diverse as customer support (email, live chat, phone), game mastering, community management, social media management, moderation, localization, quality assurance, risk management, and some positions related to innovation and creative thinking : We are looking for a passionate motivated social media fans to work on efforts developing and fostering’s user community :


Community 102 Online Community Management & Moderation Independent Contractor – Digital Application. Thanks for your interest in working for Community 102 as an independent contractor! We offer passionate internet fans and social media junkies, stay at home moms or dads, or just anyone who wants to earn some money, a chance to work on a flexible and fun project out of the comfort of their own home. Did you recently graduate college or are you looking to break into the social media field? This is the perfect opportunity to learn the basics of moderation and get your feet wet with a great company.

At this time we are looking for moderators who are fluent in German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Danish (read/write/speak). If living in the U.S. you will be required to pass a background check and must have permission to work (and will be given a 1099). If you live outside the U.S., that’s ok too! Please apply!


crisp UK Join our team of Social Risk Defenders :

CrowdSource Content Moderation Our workforce moderates content in real-time, protecting your site’s reputation while allowing your community the freedom to post and share.  We offer faster turnaround and better quality at a lower cost than traditional outsourced moderation :

Directly hiring part-time teleworkers as site moderators reviewing quality of content on the site during weekends. The work is reactive and consists of 25-100 micro-tasks emailed over the course of a shift from 9a to 9p on weekends. Each task takes approximately 1 minute and must be completed within a few minutes of receiving the email. Although that totals only 25-100 minutes per work over a shift, the person must be available though out the shift to answer quickly, so the entire shift is compensated. Part time Moderatorers also being sought : 

emoderation a fast-growing global social media agency, we are always interested in hearing from talented community managers, social media managers and user generated content (UGC) moderators who are passionate about creating an engaging online experience. Our amazing team is based around the globe :

ICUC social a lot of  employment opportunities for experienced social media content moderators or community managers that can work in more than one language. If you can work fluently in English and two or more of the following languages, we’d really like to talk! German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, French and Spanish. (Any other languages are an asset as well.)

Jagex moderators are people who work for Jagex, they are the ones that get paid for their job. The reason you seldom see a Jagex moderator in game is because they are usually behind the scenes. When you DO see them in game, they are usually checking out on a glitch, bug, or macroing problem :

Lithium Online Moderator – US and Global Locations You’ll be responsible for moderating interactions on online communities organized by enterprise companies for their customers :,Job&jvs=Indeed&jvk=Job 

LiveWorld recruits bilingual applicants for virtual, part-time, work-from-home Moderator positions :

Nairaland Forum is in need of a paid super-moderator who will be in charge of keeping the home page of Nairaland up-to-date at all times :

Metaverse Mod Squad Game Support Jobs. We need in-game Moderators and Game Masters for a variety of clients. A successful candidate will have passion and experience for digital spaces, social media, online worlds and providing excellent game service experiences. They will also be able to instinctively operate appropriately in environments tailored for kids. Become a Mod :

Needle Community Manager :

ontheline Online Community Moderator This position will primarily be responsible for the after-hours moderation and community building of our Facebook pages, while monitoring for clinical and reputational risk, and escalating issues to the Centre Supervisor on shift.  The position will also provide administrative and project support to the Operations team, and will have access to our high quality training program :

Quiip AU is a specialist online community and social media management agency. We provide 24/7 community & social media management. We work across niche forum communities and manage social media for Australia’s biggest brands :

Runscape Moderators protect players and are paid as Jagex Moderators Jagex moderators are people who work for Jagex, they are the ones that get paid for their job. The reason you seldom see a Jagex moderator in game is because they are usually behind the scenes. When you DO see them in game, they are usually checking out on a glitch, bug, or macroing problem Must be in UK:

Site Staff Chat Host, If you take pride in your communication skills and understanding the importance of world class customer service, SiteStaff wants to meet you :

The Admin Zone Paid Super-moderator/Moderator Positions Open on a MMORPG / Game Forum :

Zynga’s Super Moderator’s assist the Community team in serving as a hub, and his/her ability to personally connect with the customers to humanize Zynga games, increase user retention, build product loyalty, and provide feedback to many internal departments (development, PR, marketing, customer service, tech support, etc.) through Zynga’s marketing and community channels :

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WAHM Canada is looking for 8-10 volunteers to frequently post (at least 10 posts per week) on our community and keep watch for spammers and bullies (not that it happens often lol) in exchange for advertising your business in our directory. If anyone is interested please register on our community, then post an introduction, then contact me :