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Why an Email Newsletter Makes a Really Good Work at Home Online Business

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Why an Email Newsletter Makes a Really Good Work at Home Online Business

By Cynthia Minnaar

If you are considering starting a work at home online business take a look at creating your own email newsletter. These can be a lot of fun to publish and extremely profitable as well.

Here are a few reasons why publishing your own newsletter on the Internet is a good way to get started making money online.

1. Everyone is familiar with the adage that the money is in the list. Many Internet marketers build a list and never know exactly what to do with it. Some of the most successful Internet marketers publishing a newsletter on a regular basis and make a very good living from it.

2. You can monetize your newsletter in various ways. For example you can sell affiliate products that you are an affiliate marketer for.

You can also sell advertising to other Internet marketers and make money that way. Monetizing your email newsletter is easy to do.

3. Publishing your newsletter can be a lot of fun and you can do it right from the comfort of your own home. Many people start by subscribing to a ezines as they are commonly referred to.

This is a good way to learn how other successful publishers are using their email newsletter correctly. You will come up with ideas that you can create your newsletter from.

4. Working at home online allows you the flexibility of setting your own schedule. When you publish a newsletter you will be using an autoresponder and mailing it out to subscribers of it.

Today autoresponders allow you to schedule your email messages in advance. This means that when you have one issue ready you can pick the time that you want it to be published out to all of your subscribers.

If you know you have a busy week coming up ahead you can get everything ready in advance and then just forget about it and let the autoresponder do its job.

5. Publishing a newsletter online also allows you to enhance your own personal credibility. This makes it easier for you to sell other products and programs when you join them because you are a known commodity.

In essence what you do is brand yourself first by using your newsletter to establish your brand. Because people trust and know who you are your newsletter will allow you to sell anything you want at any time!

6. Because you’re publishing a newsletter on the Internet you can have subscribers from all over the world. This makes it possible to contact people regardless of where they live and build a very large mailing list of subscribers.

If you are unsure of what work at home online business to start take a closer look at publishing your own enewsletter. It can be very profitable and a lot of fun as well.


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Free or Low Cost Ways To Increase Website Traffic

By: Don Fletchinger

Targeted website traffic is important for any interent business you are working on. There are many ways to generate traffic for your website. Trying to find the most effectiive way at the least cost is the key to getting your business profitable.

Classified advertising can be a free or low cost way to get your targeted ads out to create more website traffic. Write attention grabbing headlines with ad content that will entice the reader to click and go to your offer. There are hundreds of good classified ad sites that you can find on the internet for you to choose from.

Exchanging links is another way to get free or low cost traffic and boost your website ranking. You find other websites that have the same niche or subject area as you do and that are not in direct competition with you. Look for websites that already have a good ranking in the search engines or high page rank with Google. Ask the owner if he or she would be interested in exchanging links.This tends to be a bit more difficult and time consuming but getting these links is a necessity for building more traffic.

There are also many link exchange centers on the net that bring together other people in a coop looking to exchange links. These are set up in a categorized directory of websites where you can list your website with the others and exchange links. Stay away from “Link Farms” as many of the search engines disapprove of these and this will hurt your ranking. Sign up with the exchange centers that you can personally approach the sites you want and they can personally approach you.

Article marketing is another excellent way to increase your website traffic. Write your own articles and submit them to hundreds of article directories with a resource box and a link back to your website. These directories are used by thousands of newslettter publishers, ezines and webmasters looking for new content. This brands you as an expert when your article gets published by others and gets you back links coming into your site from the resource box.
Other ways to increase traffic is by joining forums, online communities and business social networks. You can put your website link in the signature file when you post comments. This also creates back links to your website.

By using all of this ideas on a regular basis you will be sure to increase the traffic to your website.

About the Author

Don Fletchinger is a entreprenuer that specializes in helping people make money on the internet while working from home. His money making website contains diversified opportunities, training programs and ideas to help people earn paychecks from home.

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