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Alta360 Research Independent Evaluator is the term Alta360 Research uses for individuals who register with us to complete mystery shops, quality audits, and other assignments. These individuals work as independent contractors and are free to request or apply for assignments that fit their interests and income goals :

Amusement Advantage USA, 49 states and Canada :

Anderson & Associates

Ann Micheals & Associates, Ltd. :

Apartment Mystery Shopper :

ARC Consulting, LLC is growing and we are always in need of exceptional people to represent our company. We are looking for versatile individuals with an excellent telephone presence, keenly developed listening skills, strong attention to detail, excellent writing skills, objectivity and a desire to provide a great service to our clients. Objective Call Center Evaluators Needed :

Ardent Services, Inc.

ath Power Consulting Corporation

At Your Service Marketing Some US States :

Automotive Insights works with their clients to develop a performance evaluation template that. Measures conformance to industry or manufacturer standards in Sales, Service, Parts, and Collision Repair :

Baird Group Medical Mystery Shopping. Mystery shopping, or secret shopping, is a tool used by companies in a wide range of industries to measure the quality of their products and services. Mystery shoppers pose as normal customers to gather information about actual service experiences. In the healthcare industry, shoppers pose as patients or patient friends and family members to assess the quality of patient experiences in those facilities :

Bare International seeking Mystery Evaluators Worldwide. A typical project involves the evaluation of one of our client’s businesses through in-person visits, telephone calls, web-based inquiries, or other means :

BestMark provides mystery shopper jobs in order to help us represent some of the world’s finest corporations, including Fortune and Global 500 companies. Our clients are restaurants, retail stores, casinos, financial institutions, hotels, resorts and more :

BMA Mystery Shopping

Business Solutions We have an army of shoppers, coast to coast in both North America and Canada. When an applicant completes his or her profile, we do not have just a name and address, but also information on education, hobbies, experiences, family demographics, fitness level and other criteria. We ask for a writing sample as another way to assess overall skills : is growing and we are always in need of exceptional people to represent our company. We are looking for versatile individuals with an excellent telephone presence, great listening skills, strong attention to detail, excellent writing skills, objectivity and a desire to provide a great evaluation service to our clients. No previous experience is necessary and we do NOT require a background check. You must be at least 18 years or older and be a resident of the United States however to apply. Telephone Mystery Shoppers Needed Throughout The United States :

Campus Mystery Shopping We are an international mystery shopping service with extensive coverage across the U.S. and Canada :

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence we partner with a variety of industries on a nationwide basis through mystery shopping and various other business intelligence services for sectors such as: Apartment/Multifamily, Amusement Parks, Automotive, Convenience Stores, Drug Stores, Gas Stations, Fitness, Hotel/Spa, Movie Theatres, Restaurants, Retail, Self-Storage, Supermarkets, and Timeshares :

Clear Evaluations we’ll ask you to shop a variety of industries, including retail stores, apartment communities, new homes and auto dealerships :

ClientSmart Shopper Base

Confero Services include onsite mystery shopping, competitive studies, recorded telephone mystery shops, voice of the customer (IVR) surveys, web surveys, compliance audits and on the spot rewards :

Consumer Impressions Some states :

Coyle Hosipitality Group Do you like to travel, stay at hotels and dine in nice restaurants? If so, why not work for the Best Brands in Travel & Hospitality! If you would like to provide your services as an observant and informed consumer of the worlds leading travel and luxury brands, Coyle clients want to hear from you :

CRG ProShoppers

Cross Financial Group

CSE Customer Service Experts

CTCSS Coast to Coast Sceduling Services, Inc. We manage thousands of shops per month in the following categories: Amusement Parks, Retail, Restaurant, Auto maintenance and dealers, banks, career schools, convenience stores, fast food, fine dining, apartments, cell phone, price audits, healthcare, sports, to name a few :

Customer 1st North America :

Customer Experience Experts

Customer Impact

Customer Perspectives

Data Quest, Ltd.

Devon Hill Mystery Shoppers Go Undercover to Check Out Healthcare, Hospitals and Senior Living Communities :

DSG offers Independent Contractors a variety of ways to make money on your terms – in person, by telephone or on line. Mystery shopping contracts pay for performing tasks normally associated with shopping, such as observing workers at a retail business, inquiring about various products, sometimes making a purchase, sometimes returning one, but always ending with a report answering specific client questions about what was seen, heard or experienced. Contracts may also be available for other types of assignments, including intercepts, interviews and a variety of audits :

Ellis Apartment Mystery Shopping and Resident Surveys :

ESP is a Houston-based organization with affiliates over many parts of the U.S.A. We provide evaluations, training, and survey services for a variety of companies, including but certainly not limited to: banks, restaurants, hotels, auto dealerships, retailers, leasing offices, valet services, hardware stores, cruise lines, storage facilities, airlines, airports, travel agencies, hospitals, and supermarkets :

Feedback Plus

Full Scope/Instant Reply is hired by restaurants, retail businesses and other service businesses to help them determine how the consumer perceives the quality of their service and product :

GAPbuster We recruit and train people like you to be a “Mystery Shopper”. You then go to one of our clients’ stores and act as a customer, making enquiries or legitimately shopping for products. You will then complete an online survey about your experience and are rewarded by GAPbuster with cash payments, purchase discounts, and/or reimbursements :

GoodwinHospitality Mystery Shopper Program :


Impact Marketing is a member of VSN (Video Shopper Network), IMSC (Independent Mystery Shopper Coalition), and MSPA (Mystery Shopper Providers Association)

imyst North America :

Informa Research Services

Integrity Consultants provides detailed, personalized assistance for all of our Shoppers.  We focus on accuracy,
objectivity, clarity, timeliness and anonymity :



JM Ridgway

KSS International is dedicated to improving service and promoting excellence in the mystery shopping industry. US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the UK :

Market Force Information, Inc. become a Mystery Shopper or Theatre Checker :

Market Viewpoint

MarketWise Counsulting Group, Inc. :

Maritz Mystery Shopping :

Measure CP Shop till you drop and get paid for helping the world’s leading brands :

Mystery Shopper Services

Mystery Shopper Pros

National Shopping Service

National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) is located in Denver, Colorado. Over 220,000 shoppers across the US, Canada and the UK :

New Image Marketing

North Fork Research

N Site

NWLPC Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants

Perception Stratigies Healthcare Mystery Shopping Some USA cities :

Person to Person Quality

Phantom Shopping® offers you several ways to make money and have fun at the same time. Do you like to shop? Do you like to give your opinion? Do you like to schedule your own time? :

Premier Service Canada Mystery Shopping Missions to the most thorough and conscientious mystery shoppers

Primo Solutions We are currently looking for shoppers in the United States and Canada :

Promotion Network Shoppers evaluate products and services, on-site and via the telephone, against pre-determined standards :

QACi Quality Assurance Consulting, Mystery Shopping,  and Cost Control Services for the Hospitality Industry :

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, Inc. welcomes you to submit your contact information to become a contract shopper (except for Nevada) :

Quality Service Control (QSC) evaluates the performance of employees and general customer service for service industries utilizing anonymous “Mystery Shoppers”

Quest for Best Mystery Shopper

Remington Evaluations We are actively seeking shoppers who are detail oriented and are interested in assisting us with detailed reporting for apartment evaluations and more. If you are good writer, pay close attention to detail, can  state facts only, and are extremely reliable with a flexible schedule :

Restaurant Cops, LLC.

RQA, Inc. invites you to join our network of Independent Contractors. We are looking for reliable, courteous individuals with excellent communication skills and attention to detail to perform a variety of projects. As an Independent Contractor, you will be required to travel to specific locations, follow detailed instructions, accurately record product data and complete projects within required deadlines :

Sales Quality Group is always on the lookout for people with keen observation skills. We hire everyday people from all walks of life to meet the needs of our clients across the country :

Second to None

Secret Shopper We have performed millions of mystery shops throughout North America and the Caribbean and newly expanding in UK :

See Level:

Service Alliance, Inc.

Service Evaluation Concepts SEC become one of  SEC’s Brand Agents (BA’s) :

Service Excellence Group

Service Impressions

Service Intelligence is a leading provider of mystery shopping solutions in North America.  We work with some of the world’s finest brands in the retail, food service, grocery, hospitality, convenience and petro industries :

Service Performance Group is always looking to expand its database of exceptional mystery shoppers. If you have the ability to be an objective recorder of facts, have excellent attention to detail and can write a quality written chronological narrative of your experience allowing our clients to ‘be in your shoes’ to fully understand your experience, than you are our ideal mystery shopper :

Service Research Corporation

Service Scouts™ represents some of America’s finest corporations, including many Fortune 500 companies. Our clients include sports and entertainment venues, restaurants, retail stores, golf courses, banks, resorts, and hotels to name a few :

Service Sense



Shoppers Confidential

Shoppers’ Critique International is always looking for qualified mystery shoppers who fit our client’s typical customer profile and live close to the locations being evaluated. Qualified shoppers must be conscientious, responsible, detail-oriented, and must possess good written communication skills :

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Six Star Solutions

Spies in Disguise

Stericycle Expert Solutions

teleXpertise Telephone Mystery Shopping :

Test Track Research

The Baird Group specializes in providing mystery shoppers to the healthcare industry :

The Brandt Group

The Performance Edge We have been providing Onsite Mystery Shopper programs in most industries throughout the United States since 1990. We service most industries throughout the US including restaurants, hotels, healthcare, retail, government, financial institutions and retail services :

The Shadow Agency