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Don’t be an Easy Target! Learn How to Avoid Work at Home Scams

Author: Kimberly Clay

Work at home scams are a problem for a very good reason: People consistently fall for them! Work at home scams are a booming business for those unscrupulous characters that like to feed off the hopes and dreams of those who want to work from home. By knowing a few simple tricks to avoid the scams, you can rest assured that your venture into work at home business will be a smooth one.

The biggest rule to avoid a work at home scam is this: If it appears too good to be true, it probably is. If you have a little nagging voice in the back of your mind that says this isn’t legitimate, pay attention! Making big profits with little effort is not a reality in the work at home business, so if someone promises you the world for simply responding to their email, you know it’s a fake.

Speaking of email, be cautious of responding to any unsolicited work at home opportunity presented to you through your email account. Many scams will try to hook you by offering free information on a work at home opportunity, and once they have your response, they will attempt to pull you in deeper with big promises and little white lies. Simply delete these emails – they aren’t worth your time.

Know what you are dealing with. If you are being hired to recruit others to work for you, and you don’t get paid until they do, that’s a big red flag. If you are being asked to do this, you might as well open your own business and save yourself the grief of working for someone else! If you are being asked to sell something in order to make money for someone else, it’s in your best interest to be a bit wary. Ask plenty of questions regarding how it is that you get paid, and make certain that you completely understand and are comfortable with the process before agreeing to become involved.

If anyone asks you to send them money in exchange for a work at home opportunity, avoid it like the plague! This is a scheme, and in most cases, it’s a clear-cut case of fraud. If you do take advantage of this scam, you will probably be asked to place an ad like the one that you responded to, and offer information to someone else. This ends up in a vicious cycle that goes nowhere, but it could land you in some serious legal waters. Avoid these “envelope stuffing” schemes!

Finally, never be afraid to ask questions. A legitimate business will always welcome your questions and concerns, and will have viable answers. Be very wary of any business that refuses to spell everything out for you. If it’s a legitimate business and not a work at home scam, you will know as soon as you begin to ask questions about customers and other employees. If they refuse to give you references, it’s time to run the other way!

Work at home scams are very common, but you can avoid falling into their trap. Don’t be sucked in by the promises of big money, and keep your common sense about you! Soon you will find a legitimate business that you will be happy to work with, and work at home scams will be a distant memory.

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Step by Step Tutorial to Avoiding Work at Home Scams

Author: ivan juras

At some point during your internet adventure, you will want to make money. This relates especially to stand-alone moms, as well as people who have alot of spare time. Making money online is possible, but you have to be very careful. 99% of money making opportunities are pure scams, and their only goal is to rip you off. After all, if all of them worked, how many people would be making a fortune online already? But they don`t. In fact, a very small percetnage of people, 3-5 %, make a good living online. So, here`s a step by step tutorial to avoiding Work at Home scams.

1. Look at the quality of information and design of the Work at Home opportunity. If the website template is nice and clean, that speaks alot about the owners. If the design is ugly and the text is unreadable, exit the website. If they can`t take care of the simple things like website design, how can you expect to make money working at home with them ? Now, look at the quality of information. Do they explain the work at home opportunity in details, or do they just put some lists of benefits ? This is crucial, you want to know the exact steps on how you will be making money from home. The information has to be very understanable, no technical mumbo-jumbo. If they promise you millions in a first few months, exit. It`s a scam. The info has to be very realistic, as this will show you that they mean business. Don`t expect the ” $1000/day push-button” job. It doesn`t work that way. You`ll actually have to work from home.

2. The second suspicious thing you should be looking after, is whether the service asks for money up front. Just scroll to the bottom of a web page to see the “Order” button. If you see it, run. They are probably wolves in the sheep`s clothing. This type of scam is very common, and popular, because they make you think they are actually serious about giving you the opportunity to make money, by requesting money up-front. Don`t fall for that. However, you can consider paying them money only if the service is about you working for them. If you have to work alone by following some info, exit the website. It`s a scam.

3. The last thing you should do is the most important one: find the information about the Work at Home opportunity from the independent sources. This is a crucial step, as it will reveal the true colors of the service you`re after. There`s simply no better way of finding out about the quality of the Work at Home opportunity than from the good old word of mouth. So how do you find this out from others ?

Go to Google and write: “SERVICE review”

“SERVICE scam”

“Is SERVICE a scam ?”


Just be sure to replace the SERVICE with the actual Work at Home opportunity. You can use the quotation marks to search for the exact phrase, but in that case, change the phrase to make it more realistic.

After that, simply repeat the process on Yahoo Search, as well as the MSN search. Don`t be lazy, as this can spare you precious time by eliminating Work at Home scams at the very beginning.

Whenever you stumble upon a new Work at Home opportunity, be sure to follow this step by step process, and I guarantee you won`t get scammed. The internet is full of wolves in sheep`s clothings, so stay on your guard.


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Ivan Juras has been an online marketer and scambuster since year 2000. He`s also a freelancer. To contact him for freelancing jobs click here: [email protected]


How to Recognize Work at Home Scams – A Serious Dilemma
By []Mitch Hayes

It is becoming more and more common for the average person, even professional people, these days, to have to find extra income to supplement their household budget. At least in the US, the economy is in a recession, just look at the mortgage and real estate industries or pay attention to the rising cost of groceries, clothing, the necessities of life. But with gas prices skyrocketing it is also becoming less feasible to work a part time job. It just costs too much do drive back and forth. Because of this, many people are choosing the route of owning a home based business. With all the work at home scams out there, and believe me, there are plenty, how does one know which ones are and which ones are not legitimate work from home opportunities?

In another article I defined the word “scam” as an attempt to make money by fraudulent means. In other words it means to trick people into opening their wallet or their checking account to pay for a product or service that is never delivered or to invest in a business that in fact does not exist. Scam artists are very good at what they do and can fool even the most intelligent, observant, business savvy people. It happens every day. So, before you jump into a home business, MLM or not, do your homework! Find out all you can about the business, and not just by reading their promotional materials and visiting their websites, either. Anyone can make an attractive and professional looking website, it’s not difficult at all.

Here are a few things you can do. Check the business against the Better Business Bureau. Not all businesses are listed there, but it’s a good start. Do some research in your public library or online, or both, for work at home scams. Find out if there are any reports of fraud or any major complaints about the company you are interested in. Find out who the owner of the company is and research them as well. Always get a phone number and call the company directly. Never do business online with a company that does not have a legitimate customer service phone number. If all they have is online chat, or email support, stay away! They may be for real, or they may not, but in my experience, I have found many of them not to be. Go to some of the reputable online home business forums and ask the same questions of the forum members. Tell them you are looking for legitimate work from home opportunities and you need advice. Two very good forums to go to where I know you will get truthful answers are, and Frequently in those two online communities you can find other people who are in or have been in the business you are investigating. Ask them about their experiences.

A word of caution, however, is in order. While conducting your research be sure to check more than one source. Check several. There are lots of folks throwing the word scam around when they don’t know what they are talking about. Some of them are disgruntled people who have been burned by MLM. Some of them are self appointed scam police who do not have their facts straight. Some of them are trying to steer people away from the competition to lure them into their own business. This can make the research a bit more difficult, but if you check enough sources, and ask enough questions of the right people, as in the forums I suggested, you can find enough information to make a good educated decision as to whether or not to get involved in the business in question.

Work at home scams are a blight on society and on the entire home based business industry. There are plenty of good, profitable, legitimate work from home opportunities out there. If you are careful, and if you do your due diligence, you can find one that is a fit for you. Take your time, investigate, and you will find what you are looking for.

Mitch Hayes is an Online Entrepreneur afiliated with Automaticbuilder, Nutronix and The Berry Tree. Prior to this, Mr. Hayes has more than 30 years experience as a Critical Care Pediatric Respiratory Therapist. He has been able to apply the considerable teaching and people skills necessary to succeed in that profession to the operation of his successful Home Based Business and the training of his downline distributors.

Mitch is also owner and author of “The Online Home Business Answer,” a Home Business Resource Blog whose mission is to assist online business professionals in marketing their businessess with Excellence and Integrity.

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