Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning

On This page you will find Closed Captioning Work at Home Jobs and related content. Many will let you work Closed Captioning remotely from home. You can have virtually no commute time as you stay at home. Closed Captioning Home office work is rapidly booming and I have listed many of the top companies and resources for you to gain employment. If you do not find a job opportunity through this page, be sure to check some other categories that are related, or the larger companies, as they hire in many different departments and categories and I have to avoid double listing a lot of them for SEO and space reasons.

Do not pay to apply for work to anyone. There are plenty of opportunities to work from home with Closed Captioning without paying any initial hiring fee. You may though have to pay for a background check though and some require even a credit check. I have plenty of other areas on the website you can use to find Closed Captioning work from anywhere type, work from home jobs. Try some of the following pages and enter Closed Captioning in a search like the Work From Home Job Boards page listed as a subpage of the Job Boards main page. The search engines there are specialized in finding Work at Home jobs or remote work. The Job Boards page is also good for searches with keywords in your favorite search engine. I also have a page of top Freelance sites that you can use for you searching.

I have other good places to search for remote anywhere type jobs such as the companies listed on the Global Jobs & Global Jobs Pg. 2 and then Worldwide and Worldwide Pg. 2. Many of them employ in the USA too or are USA based. Good luck in your job search and be sure to check out the job categories of you skill area listed on other parts of this site as the whole site is designed to give you the opportunity to work from you own home and many employ persons from remote or anywhere, virtual locations.


3 Play Media We are looking for contract transcriptionists/editors to transcribe recorded audio and edit imperfect transcription using our proprietary internet-based software application :

Abercap media work available in wide range of capacities :

AccuTran Global real time captioning, voice writing, transcription, scoping :

Adept Word Managment, Inc. :

Aegis Global

Automatic Sync

Capital Typing Transcription Services – Medical Transcription and Dictation Services, Legal  Transcription, General Transcription, Closed Captioning, Movie Transcripts,  TV Show Transcripts and much more. :

Caption Advantage invites captioning professionals and certified court reporters (RPR, RMR, or CRR) to contact us to explore employment opportunities :

Caption Colorado Realtime Captioning :

CaptionMax Operate a computer-aided realtime captioning stenotype or dependent voice recognition system to create English closed captions for live and/or prerecorded broadcast programs (example: sports, news, financial, weather) and events (meetings, lectures, conferences) :

Daily Transcription provides services to entertainment, corporate and legal industries and to academic institutions :

DynamiCCaptioning looking for captioners with 3+ years of broadcast captioning experience who can reliably write a sustained 230 – 260 WPM with 98.5% or higher accuracy, and able to handle short bursts of up to 300 WPM with minimal paraphrasing. In particular, we are looking for captioners with experience in sports (particularly U.S. Football) and international news :

eScribe Transcription & Captioning Services Australia :

GMR Transcription :

Media Captioning Services, Inc.

Pacific Transcription Australia :

Production Transcripts A lot of different media to work with and other catergories to work in :
QuickCaption Currently hiring high-speed court reporting students and CART writers (minimum 180 words per minute) for realtime classroom captioning and realtime business meeting transcription :

Quick Transcription Service Want to make money while working on classic TV shows, modern movies, educational videos, and more?

RNK Productions

Speech Pad Insurance TranscriptionVoice to TextSpeech to TextVideo TranscriptionAudio to TextMP3 to Text, Closed Captioning Services, Video SubtitlingVideo SEO Services :

Talking Type Captions As our business is expanding, we’re looking for reliable, dependable individuals who are willing to meet the high captioning standards of Talking Type :!careers/c1noz


Transcription 2000 WE CAN DO IT!  Business, financial, legal, media transcription. CART, live broadcast captioning. Taking Applications :

Transcription Experts

TranscribeMe Transcribe audio and video into perfect quality text and get paid for it! It’s that easy. Take control of your own career today from the comfort of your own home. Choose the hours that fit your lifestyle. We offer the opportunity to be a part of our unique community and create lasting connections with professionals all over the world. All you need is a computer, a reliable Internet connection, and the ability to transcribe audio and video in any of the languages that we support :

U.S. Captioning Company is actively recruiting both English and Spanish real-time closed captioners :

VC Vanan Captioning Movie Captioner, Closed Captioner, Broadcast Captioner, Real Time Captioner, Offline Captioner :

Video Caption Corporation

VITAC Offline captioners are post-production specialists responsible for transcribing, placing, and timing captions that are accurate and appropriate in style for prerecorded television shows :

Way With Words

Your Captioning US, UK, AUS :